Here a very short glossary of the main methodologies discussed in this blog. Please refer to the linked websites for more detailed information and opportunities to study these methods. There are many other modeling methods that we would also love to feature on Young Modeler. Please feel free to suggest your own additions to this glossary!

Systems Thinking
… is a term that captures a wide array of systems approaches. Here an exemplary video that introduces some of the main tenets in a beautiful way.

System Dynamics
…is a method for analyzing complex, non-linear problems that change over time. Complexity means that these problems often arise from an interplay of various ecological, social and economic factors. With system dynamics, they can be analyzed in an integrated way instead of relying on the perspective of a single actor or scientific discipline. One of the main principles is that behavior of a system arises from its structure.

Agent Based Modeling
… is a modeling method that is useful to analyze a great diversity of topics. In contrast to system dynamics, a main principle is that the behavior of a system is an emergent property of individual actors’ choices, often based on specific rules that these actors follow.


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