10th congress of the European Union for Systemics

By Angelika Schanda
Located in Vienna, Austria
Co-Founder at Art of Cooperation /
European Master in System Dynamics graduate 2013-2015

From optimization to change strategy?UES2018_Affiche_10.04.2018-EN-web-A4-1
15-17 October 2018 in Brussels, Belgium

There are few large systems science conferences in the world, and one of them is particularly rare: The International Congress of the European Union for Systemics is only held once every three years. This year, the conference organizers were not shy of addressing the elephant that has been rattling the European Union at its own foundations: crises. While the introduction to the conference starts off with a concession that the topic of crisis has been exhaustively addressed over recent years, it immediately makes clear why it is worthwhile to dedicate yet another congress to this topic: “A lot of measures urgently correct the visible symptoms of problems without trying to understand the underlying logics linked to them.”

Being at the heart of any system science, this appears self-evident for systems thinkers. For a large number of decision makers and managers, crises however still rather evoke more of a short term response to increased pressures and a tunnel vision where thinking out of the box is most urgently needed. So do we need another systems conference focused on crises? The team of Young Modeler is heading there to find out.

Follow our live coverage on Facebook and Twitter and please actively join the conversation: We urgently need the voice of systems thinkers heard at this time in history.

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