Welcome to Young Modeler,
a blog for a new generation of modelers and system thinkers!

This is a platform for all students, researchers and young practitioners who are interested in modeling complex problems, be it on a systems, community or agent based level. Its aim is to extend conversations beyond classrooms, workplaces and to connect across geographical, institutional and disciplines’ boundaries.

Themes that you may read or write about are
– complex problems in society, economics and the environment
– systems thinking, systems theory and related sciences
– methodological modeling issues
– participatory modeling with different groups and stakeholders
– integral modeling, i.e. integrating agent based and system dynamics models
– practical modeling experience in internships, projects, academia, corporate or nonprofit world

Not sure what this blog is about? Discover the basics about modeling, complex problems and systems thinking in our glossary!


How to participate

The content of this blog is provided by you! That is, by the systems thinking and modeling community. Articles can be submitted by anyone interested in joining the conversation. Content is coordinated by Angelika Schanda, graduate of the European Master Programme in System Dynamics.

Articles will be published after a review of the webteam according to two criteria:
(1) related to modeling and/or systems
(2) no commercial content*

* (invitations to educational or community events, and to university or online courses are welcome; reviews of books, software or courses are fine as long as they are balanced and serve the purpose of informing about different resources in the field)

Please take note of our disclaimer. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us for further details about publishing!


Who can participate?

Not to worry – publishing on Young Modeler is not limited in terms of age or modeling experience. This blog is designed to be informative both on a beginners’ and advanced level as well as to the general public.

One of the main purposes of computer modeling is to make complex matters easier to understand, and to make analytic tools more accessible. Therefore, this blog functions both as showcase for systems thinking and modeling applications to the public, as well as a ‘playground’ for modelers to learn to present their work and thoughts effectively, to gain exposure to a wider public, and to learn from other modelers’ feedback.

Join the conversation now and become an active part of the community!


Support us

This blog runs on love and passion and time of many dedicated people. To support us, please consider giving back a little something and donating on our founder’s crowdfunding page. She’ll use it so that this blog can keep on running as a non-profit, ad-free project.


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  1. Kai says:

    Great site! Do you know KNOW-WHY.NET and Consideo’s work at schools?


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