A Transformative Summer School

By Conor Meehan
Currently in Nijmegen, Netherlands
European Master in System Dynamics, Class 2013-2015


In July 2014, three students from the European Master in System Dynamics had the chance to be part of the Global Sustainability Fellows Program, a summer school that described itself as a ‘Transformative, Graduate-Level Learning Experience’. The main purpose of the program was to ’inspire, mobilize and prepare future generations of leaders in all sectors of society who are committed to integrating sustainability concerns into their approach to their chosen disciplines.’

The program was birthed from an organization known as The Sustainability Laboratory, which describes itself as a thought leader in the global transition to a sustainable future. It was the first program of its kind from The Lab, and so for them one of its important functions was to act as a pilot session to determine the potential of developing it further, with the idea of having a two year graduate program up and running in the near future. Here are some impressions from the students:

01_Steinhilber 02_Bennich 03_Meehan

Read about other perspectives on this summer school on the website’s own blog here.
Know about another event related to systems thinking, sustainability or modeling? Contact me so it can be shared with everyone.


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One comment on “A Transformative Summer School
  1. Thank you all for such a lovely writing and reflection. It is very heartening that students such as yourselves would invest your time and concern in issues that really matter in this world. The Lab is proud to have you as part of its network.


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