Soundbites from a dynamic conference

By Angelika Schanda
Located in Nijmegen, Netherlands
European Master in System Dynamics, Class 2013-2015

One month after the 32nd International


A beautiful, green and Dutch way to head to a conference

System Dynamics Conference in Delft, Netherlands, it is time to think about what remains. It was an event of five intense days: From early morning until sunset there was a program brimful with workshops, poster presentations, lectures and special interest group meetings. People from all walks of life met with open minds – and hearts. Never before had I been to a conference that made contact between people so easy, no matter if you were talking to a first-time attendee or a pioneer of the field.

As any seasoned conference-goer will know, the most intriguing conversations happen during breaks, over coffee, lunch and dinner. So even after a long conference day many people gathered until late night for dinner, drinks and dance in the lovely city of Delft.

A lot of energy and enthusiasm, new insights, ideas and contacts were created during the conference. However, often it is difficult to keep contact, apply learned lessons and integrate new ideas in the daily work life. What is it that stayed with attendees from the fiery lectures, presentations and encouraging conversations? What will they remember most and what did they learn that they could already put into practice? Here a few sound bites from first-time attendees and young dynamicists.



Before the conference, students could attend a system dynamics summer school from July 16-18:


Would you like to learn more? Consider the following links:
System Dynamics Conference
Conference Proceedings

Curious about the next conference? It’s already been announced for July 19-23, 2015 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.
Want to share your own conference experiences? Contact me here and shortly describe your idea.


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