Welcome to Young Modeler

By Angelika Schanda
Located in Nijmegen, Netherlands
European Master in System Dynamics, Class 2013-2015

This is a blog for a young generation of students and practitioners interested in modeling complex problems. Since this blog is started from within the system dynamics community, the content will start out from this perspective. However, others types of modeling and systemic perspectives are equally valuable. As society becomes more interconnected and future challenges become more complex, an integrative approach to solving problems is needed. Integration of modeling approaches, model scales, decision making tools, issues and stakeholders are all relevant topics for the upcoming modeler generations.

What content can you expect from this blog? The answer is, don’t expect, suggest. This blog is a platform for you. That is, the young modeler out there who is struggling with methodological problems, with translating ‘soft’ factors into modeling language, who faces communication challenges when working with a client, who had the opportunity to do an internship in an amazing company with experience valuable for other beginners, who wants to make sure insights from conferences are not forgotten once back in their work life and much more.

Write about it. Start new conversations in the community. Discover what others are thinking about, working with, find peers to learn from or even to start a business with. As they say, the only limits are the limits of your imagination. So take your imagination beyond the limits of your own modeler life and start sharing your stories.

Happy modeling, reading and writing!


Passionate about systems thinking, traveling and social change initiatives. Learn more at angelikaschanda.net

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